Project Partners

CREATE BERLIN (Project Partner)

May 17, 2010

CREATE BERLIN is the connecting platform by and for Berlin designers, representing the creative diversity of the Berlin design scene. It brings together energies and ideas and provides creative talents with opportunities to realize their visions. CREATE BERLIN curates and organizes exhibitions, showrooms and topic-driven input evenings, is a contact point for creative minds with ideas and project suggestions and also represents its over 100 members during events in Germany and abroad. Board and members alike are committed to establishing Berlin as the key location for creative industries and as the UNESCO City of Design. Read more…

International Design Center Berlin (Project Partner)

May 17, 2010

Since its founding in 1968, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) has been a communications platform connecting business, society and culture, and is dedicated to current as well as future topics and questions in design. Through projects, exhibitions and presentations, IDZ emphasizes various aspects of design, and presents and discusses current design topics. As a center of expertise, IDZ offers knowledgeable consulting services and is also an experienced partner in cooperative projects. Moreover, its member structure and international orientation offer a capable business network for the creative and design industries. Read more…

INPOLIS UCE GmbH (Project Partner)

May 16, 2010

INPOLIS offers solutions for today’s cities and regions.

INPOLIS develops solutions for a sustainable place development – both socially and environmentally. A particular focus of INPOLIS’ work lies in Place Branding. The consolidation of the local economy – and the role the Creative Industries play in it – is an integral part of INPOLIS’ strategy. In this context, INPOLIS initiates and develops projects as well as regional, national and international networks. Intensive commitment in local networks and the engagement with non-profit oriented projects, such as BerliNordik, complete the profile of INPOLIS. INPOLIS is one of the project initiators of BerliNordik and, what is more, responsible for its conception, project management, international cooperation and communication. Read more…