schubLaden by Franziska Wodicka (Berlin)

May 17, 2010

moebel 41|02, Foto: Peter Witt,

schubLaden reuses vintage drawers, so existing material, without altering its basic shape or original use. Subject, participation in process and appreciation fosters a link between the customer and furniture. Practical use, aesthetics and production set the basis for a long durability of the furniture. The production is contracted to small, local firms and the amount of furniture is based on demand and request.

What means sustainability for me as a designer?

Not only to design timeless, beautiful, functional and longlasting products, but also to create products that are really needed and wanted – to bear this responsibility.

What means sustainability for me as a consumer?

To reflect before I buy.

What means sustainability for me in general?

To deal with everyone and everything I encounter with attentiveness and respect.

Franziska Wodicka
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