ett la benn (Berlin) with “malva”

May 17, 2010


malva is a series of lights inspired by the natural qualities of cellulose and viscose: the objects are generated by the forming of moistened sponge cloth and its subsequent hardening by air drying on a mould.

The translation of this customary material into individual design pieces through basic processes of forming and drying measures up to the highest demands in sustainability and eco friendliness: all objects are compostable.

What does sustainability mean for me as a designer?

Already while constructing a certain piece one should think about its future disposal. It is crucial
to design a product as envoronment-friendly as possible.

What does sustainability mean for me as a consumer?

We believe that every single one of us can help making a change. As an individual I have to find ways to adapt to certain needs, instead of simply waiting that someone comes up with the perfect solution.

What does sustainability mean for me in general?

Sustainability should mean that a product is 100% neutral in its eco-balance, whether I use it or not. Renouncement is not a solution. But creating new approaches to sustainability is.

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