Tarané Hoock (Berlin)

June 15, 2010

Fashion by Tarané Hoock, Photo: Frauke Fischer, Model: Josefin Herrmann, Seeds, Make-up/Styling: Manuela Kopp

How and why do I engage in aspects of sustainability in my fashion design?

During my studies I worked consistently with the theme of “memory” – to design time. Sustainability, not only in terms of sustainable production, but also sustainable design. To concentrate the transcendental (the fashion) and the permanent (the values of life) in one concept. To find an identity for the garment, to make clothes which are “like friends”. Sustainability as an artistic concept.

Tarané Hoock

What does sustainability mean for me as a designer?

transforming design into an art form.

What does sustainability mean for me as a consumer?

costumers want something that stays with them for more than one season.

What does sustainability mean for me in general?



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