Naoto Niidome (Finland)

June 15, 2010

Naoto Niidome, photo: Ruut Lahdenmäki

How and why do I engage in aspects of sustainability in my fashion design?

In this aspect:  I´m using sustainable materials as much as I can. I used ecological material for the first time in 2003 when I designed a collection for the Finnish textile and fashion brand Marimekko. The material was 100% bamboo. After that I have used sustainable materials such as milk, eco-cotton, eco-wool etc. Costs of those materials are still high but they are excellent. Nature has given so much and protected the human race for such a long time, it is time that we humans save the nature.

Naoto Niidome

At the moment it is still difficult in clothes production to use only sustainable materials or methods at all times. Even so I´m very happy whenever I find a sustainable solution and it is also a possibility for creative work.

What does sustainability mean for me as a consumer?

We need clothes, we need fashion but we don´t need to be a reckless about it. Purchase of clothes should be pleasure but also deliberate.

What does sustainability mean for me in general?

It was good attitude to take sustainability into account in everyday life before, now it is an unavoidable responsibility.

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