Magdalena Schaffrin (Berlin)

June 15, 2010

Photo: Jan Rasmus Voss

How and why do I engage in aspects of sustainability in my fashion design?

Is there any other possibility than engaging aspects of sustainability in the fashion design nowadays? Sustainability has an impact on all levels of a fashion brand:

Long lasting design: The look of my collection is timeless and marked by classical pieces. The careful selection of fabrics, the high quality of production and the attention to the line and shapes, give the collection its specialty. My intention is to create clothing, where the design, the cut and the material merge into perfection. Therefore I have stopped working in the classical rhythm of two collections per year. That means for me, that I am concentrating on one collection, which will grow bigger in a healthy way. It changes seasonal in the chioce of material and colour.

Materials: I use only natural fibres, such as organic cotton, linen, silk, hemp. Most of them are organic certified or follow high eco standards. My cotton for example is 100% organic, most of my linen is organic, grown without harmful chemicals. But even my fibres which arenĀ“t organic grown are still completely natural, because I use the same strict manufacturing guidelines as I do for organic: no toxins, no harmful substances. My organic silk comes from the only organic silk farm in the world. The specialty of organic silk is the forage of the silkworms. They get fed with biodynamic grown mulberry tree leaves. My wool is manufactured in Germany and is only mechanically treated, again: no toxins, no harmful substances.

Production: I am producing all my garments in Germany / Berlin. Therefore I guarantee high social standarts and avoid long shippings.

Magdalena Schaffrin

What does sustainability mean for me as a designer?

Making a difference. Working in the way I do, I make a bigger difference than as a consumer. Creating sustainable fashion shows people the normality of sustainability and the feel good factor of ecofashion.

What does sustainability mean for me as a consumer?

Making a difference, but with a smaller impact.

What does sustainability mean for me in general?

Being aware of quality. High quality is one of the most important aspects regarding sustainability. In the best case combined with the awareness of using natural recources, toxic chemicals, energy, creating waiste and working conditions for people. Crap made from ecofriendly sourced material can never be sustainable, it is waisted time, energy and recources.

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