Friederike von Wedel-Parlow (Berlin)

June 15, 2010

Fashion by Friederike von Wedel-Parlow, Photo: Özgür Albayrak Model: Anne Meister Makeup: Christina Roth Styling: Allessandra Coico

How and why do I engage in aspects of sustainability in my fashion design?

Working with nature’s limits is a great challenge. New impulses and solutions are

teased out by sustainability restrictions, by skrutinizing values, rules and goals of the fashion sector. The seemingly technical and efficient approach of the collection results in figure hugging feminine outfits. Made from rectangular pieces of eco-friendly materials, this eveningwear is both avantgardist and ecological,comfortable to wear yet spectacular to see.

Friederike von Wedel-Parlow

What does sustainability mean for me as a designer?

struggle and pleasure

What does sustainability mean for me as a consumer?

Less is more

What does sustainability mean for me in general?

A duty and a gift

Friederike von Wedel-Parlow
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