a different understanding of time and value

July 5, 2010

July, 8 at 6:30 pm

On July 8th the BerliNordik “bright green design” exhibition will be opened at the atrium of Deutsche Bank.

Right next to the atrium our exhibition partner the muse_store museum shop at Deutsche Guggenheim will be presenting:

werthaltig. globalreusedsustainableecofriendlygreendesign
products for a longer living

June, 26 to October, 10, 2010

Green design is more popular than ever – and everybody has a different idea of it. But at one point all strategies are coming together: a different understanding of time and value. An understanding, which is based, not on speed and expenditure, but on decelaration. Whether in re-used design, where the value of a product is rescued, even enhanced and transformed into a new definition, or the vision of a perfect cycle, where the resources revolve out of their own, gently.

werthaltig shows and organizes four major strategies for products with a longer life based on examples and concepts from Europe and Asia. A project by muse_store – to view, to touch (and to buy).

werthaltig shows:

Arabeschi di Latte (Italy)

Luisa Cevese (Italy)

Hrafnkell Birgisson (Iceland/Denmark)

ett la benn (Berlin)

Ela Cindoruk (Turkey)

FAHRER (Berlin)

kna Plus (Japan)

Noa Lerner (Israel/India)

Jette Loeper (Germany)

Laura de Monchy (Netherlands)

Albio Nascimento und Kathi Stertzig (Portugal, Germany)

Claudia Oelmeier (Berlin/India)

Gulnur Ozdaglar (Turkey)

Pandora Design (Italy)

Steffen Schellenberger (Berlin)

schmidtTakahashi (Berlin)

schubLaden (Berlin)

Tät-tat (Switzerland)

Walking Chair (Austria)

Doreen Westphal (Netherlands)

030 85 40 55 01/02
muse-store Unter den Linden 13/15
D-10117 Berlin

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