“In ten years we will not discuss about this topic…

July 16, 2010

… because we will have sustainable design as a usual everyday thing.” says Kirsten Jurchen, initiator of BerliNordik.

With more than 1000 visitors altogether the BerliNordik “bright green design” exhibition at the atrium of Deutsche Bank was a big success. 19 young and talented fashion and product designers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Berlin presented their work, showing a wide range of different approaches on the topic of sustainability. Their ideas made it clear that there are many possible solutions for the design of the future. – But the journey has just begun.

See what designers, guests and experts have to say about the design of the future. For example Danilo Dürler (ett la benn) says: “Nachhaltige Gestaltung ist ein unheimlich spannender Sektor, wo es wahnsinnig viel zu tun gibt. Man muss einfach mal irgendwo anfangen und das Ganze… auf einen grünen Zweig bringen.”

Statements from Kirsten Jurchen, Magdalena Schaffrin, Maxjenny Forslund, Cornelia Horsch, Barbara í Gongini, Oliver Bischoff, Danilo Dürler, Kirsten Rahmann, Anika Porrey and many more.
Videos by our media partner Lilli Green

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