Spot on the BUOY by Adrian Paulsen

May 28, 2010

The BUOY – cleaning sea water and raising awareness

As long as we have records, the ocean has been a public dumping place. This has not changed. On the contrary: The oil catastrophe afflicting the Gulf of Mexico has made it obvious that his topic is more urgent than ever. Adrian Paulsen, a young Norwegian designer developed a concept that turns a buoy into a symbol of awareness by translating pollution into a strong visual language. The intention of the BUOY is to raise a discussion about our daily pollution of the oceans and the current approach on addressing oil spill and pollution response equipment.

How does it work?

In its passive state the BUOY glows with an internal soft blue light that gives it a sculptural appearance. But once it registers a certain density of pollutants it responds by releasing its arms of nano paper specially developed to soak up the pollutants and changes into an orange hue to communicate the change.

The paper can be used over a longer period of time without absorbing water. The pollutants can later be extracted from the paper and the arms can be used again. Furthermore the BUOY generates its own electricity through a motion driven generator and with a surface texture inspired by lotus leafs it is also self-cleaning.

For this concept Adrian Paulsen received the AHO Works Prize for sustainability in design in autumn 2009

BerliNordik presents a model of the BUOY at the “bright green design” exhibitions. Furthermore the designer will be present at the opening event of the first exhibition on June 8th 2010 at the International Design Center (IDZ).

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