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June 6, 2010

With her schubLaden furniture Franziska Wodicka does not only give old drawers a new life, the Berlin-based designer also lets her customers participate in the design process and thus creates new “Lieblingsstücke”.

For her sustainability means not only to design timeless, beautiful, functional and longlasting products, but also to create products that are really needed and wanted – to bear this responsibility.

Reuse existing materials

Drawers of discarded furniture often are kept as memorabilia, and for their high quality manufacture, ´Perhaps I can use them for something one day …´, schubLaden deals with the situation of such orphaned drawers, and gives them a new home. The drawers are cleaned and repaired, without chemicals, of course, and are then put into the customized corpus.

Linking the customer and furniture

The customer is given a comprehensive consultancy, and is invited to participate in the design process. Personally-owned vintage drawers can be integrated. Participation in the entire process, the period of production, and the adequate payment, fosters a high appreciation of the product. The furniture will accompany and delight the customer for a long time.

Long durability

High practical value, timeless aesthetics, and high-quality production create the perfect conditions for long durability. Practical use – Furniture with drawers is always useful. No matter if small, or large, drawers help to keep an overview and a certain order. Aesthetics – The beauty of vintage drawers combined with the simplicity of the new corpus transforms the furniture into timeless objects. Production – The high-quality production of the corpus, as well as the professional reconditioning and preservation of the vintage drawers, ensures long durability.

Local production

The furniture is produced in collaboration with small Berlin firms. Short transportation distances, high flexibility, and a distribution of work and responsibility reflects our economic and social values.

Producing on demand

There are only a small number of pieces pre-produced for the schub- Laden showroom – each additional furniture is specially-produced on request.

BerliNordik presents schubLaden with the funiture moebel 41|02 at the “bright green design” exhibitions this summer.

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