panel discussion at “bright green design” exhibition

July 14, 2010

At the opening of the BerliNordik “bright green design” exhibition on July 8th at the atrium of Deutsche Bank an interantional panel hosted by Ares Kalandides (Create Berlin) discussed different aspects of sustainability in fashion and product design.

For example: How do young designers find sustainable materials? What kind of materials are there? Is the textile industry ready? Is sustainability only suitable for small brands? Is there an alternative to the usual schedule of two collections per year? Or can fashion per definition not be sustainable? And what role does the consumer play?

Members of the panel were fashion designers Magdalena Schaffrin (Berlin) and Kristofer Kongshaug (Norway), Gisle Merdal (Manager of the Norwegian Fashion Institute) and Dr. Wolf-Rüdiger Baumann (General Director of the German Textile + Fashion Confederation).

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