“I´m very happy whenever I find a sustainable solution”

June 26, 2010

Naoto Niidome: Marimekko, photo: Kira Gluschkoff

Finnish-Japanese designer Naoto Niidome  has been working with sustainable materials for quite a while – in his fashion, but not only there.

“I´m using sustainable materials as much as I can. I used ecological material for the first time in 2003 when I designed a collection for the Finnish textile and fashion brand Marimekko. The material was 100% bamboo. After that I have used sustainable materials such as milk, eco-cotton, eco-wool etc. Costs of those materials are still high but they are excellent. I´m very happy whenever I find a sustainable solution and it is also a possibility for creative work.”Niidome studied Interior Architecture and Furniture Design as well as Fashion and Textile Design in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. The influence of two different cultures and two fields of study are clearly visible in his works. Niidome’s design is characterized by timelessly beautiful lines, three-dimensionality, experimentation with materials and techniques, innovativeness and a sense of humour.

In 2006 Niidome launched his own fashion label Naoto Niidome Production. His collection is regularly renewed regardless of seasons. The idea is to work around the year and to show the designer’s view on different topical phenomena. In hins work he always challenges the material, the techniques and himself. As a result, he has created many magnificent collections in which classic lines have been brilliantly combined with something that has never been tried before.

When it comes to interior architecture and furniture design, Niidome is also experimenting with new materials whenever there is a chance to do so. For example Niidome has initiated and worked with the Bamboo House project, which was introduced in Finland in August 2005. It is a major project between Finnish and Japanese collaborators.

The latest innovation by Niidome in the area of furniture is the Kleopatra concept. Kleopatra furniture is “dressed” all over – sewn around the metal frame like a tightly fitted garment using the Waterborn fabric by Kvadrat. Kleopatra concept was exhibited by Artek.

BerliNordik presents 3 Outfits by Naoto Niidome at the “bright green design” exhibition, from July 8th – 11th, 2010 at the atrium of Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden.

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