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June 15, 2010

During Berlin Fashion Week from July 8th to 11th 2010 BerliNordik will be presenting the second “bright green design” exhibition, which will be the largest international exhibition on Eco-Fashion and Product Design in Berlin.

At the glamorous atrium of Deutsche Bank ‘Unter den Linden’, just next to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Nordic fashion designers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as well as five Berlin fashion designers will present their vision of Eco-Fashion in the Premium segment. They all found different ways to work on Eco-Fashion: with natural eco-certified material as well as with new developed fabrics or innovative cuts and minimal seaming to save material…

All the designers and their approaches towards Eco-Fashion will be introduced here soon. First up is MAXJENNY:

pantone red poncho, photo: Lars G Svensson

MAXJENNY is designed by one of Scandinavia´s hottest and innovative fashion designers at the moment: Maxjenny Forslund. The label started out in november 2007 and have through its very interesting and unusual cuts and approach towards fashion, become a key factor in the extensive market recognition from the very early beginning. The selection of innovative jackets, cardigans and dresses has made this brand an absolute favorite, as it offers a elegant casual yet high-profile, fashion statement.

Maxjenny primarily use so called intelligent materials, ie textiles that can identify an external stimulus and responding to it in a verifiable manner. New material compositions, together with new techniques allow Maxjenny to be at the forefront of its field.

MAXJENNY features three lines of women’s wear:
“Street Sculptures”, in vivid colours – a collaborative work experimenting with the mix of fine art and outdoor wear in a very new way.
“Black Street Sculptures”, comes only in black and is sold separately from the other line. Both contains a series of beautiful folded, draped and innovative jackets in recycled PET bottles fabric for all kinds of weather, all year around. Breathable, rainproof and iron-free.
“The new black”, is based on multi-functional pieces in bambo jersey and viscose and has an undisputed approach yet innovative silhouette. The concept is about the body’s own architectural form, Maxjenny has designed the cut based on folding squares and circles and making large drapings to create shapes with the movements of the body.
Simply the new green avantgarde.

Maxjenny concentrate on high-quality sustainable materials, with innovative cuts and minimal seaming and evolve the assortment gradually, without sharp boundaries between the seasons. Style that works well transcends seasonal trends. Wear it, live it. Use it.

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