Labo Mode Eco-Logic

June 29, 2010

Wattson by DIY KYOTO

The Galeries Lafayette Berlin presents Labo Mode Eco-Logic – an Eco Collection

from 7th July until 31st August 2010 during the Fashion Week Berlin

For five years now, the Galeries Lafayette Berlin is in cooperation with the fashion school ESMOD, a platform for young designers who are able to exhibit their collection on our LABO MODE floor.

At present Galeries Lafayette on the Friedrichstraße presents the products of 4 young designers fully manufactured in Germany, mostly in traditional craftsmanship combined with organic substances and non-toxic dyes.

The Designers : Wundervoll, Boutique 5000, Ica Watermelon, schmidttakahashi

Also exhibited: Wattson is a small, stylish box produced by DIY KYOTO, which indicates how much energy you consume in Euros. The box is portable and communicates with a small sensor that can be easily fixed to the main electricity cable of the house or apartment. The light indicates how much power you consume: below average (blue), average (purple) or above average (red). The box helps you save up to 20% of energy used.

Galeries Lafayette Berlin
Friedrichstraße 76-78
10117 Berlin

Opening Times
Monday to Saturday
10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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