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June 3, 2010

Hella Hernberg standing next to her brand new urban farm at 'Kalasatama', which is an old harbor area of Helsinki. Hella has recently worked as a member of a team developing temporary uses and environmental art in this area, which is waiting for more permanent future development.

Hella Hernberg is a Helsinki-based architect and designer whose work ranges from objects to urban projects. Her design ideology follows the guiding principle of turning unused and discarded things valuable and necessary, whether they are household objects or urban spaces. By combining the old and contemporary, the familiar and unexpected, she brings more character and stories to common concepts.

Her Bol lamp, presented at the BerliNordik “bright green design” exhibitions, represents this ideology of ‘upcycling’. Bol is handmade from old fabrics with the light showing their patterns and texture, and evoking memories and images. Each lamp is characterised by the fabric details: summerhouse curtains, grandmother’s embroidery, or old tablecloths saved from the attic. During 2010, the Bol is featured also in the Shanghai World Expo, at the VIP section of the Finnish Pavilion ‘Kirnu’.

Hella has graduated as architect MSc from Helsinki University of Technology in 2008, and studied also at TU Delft, Netherlands. At the moment, besides the design projects, she is teaching at the architecture faculty of Aalto University and working on a project about creative use of urban space, ‘Urban Dream Management’ .

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