“We believe that every single one of us can help making a change.”

June 5, 2010

ett la benn is a Berlin-based agency for product and interior design.

They say: “As individuals we have to find ways to adapt to certain needs, instead of simply waiting that someone comes up with the perfect solution.”

Intuition, emotion and crossing lines are in the center of their work: whether its furniture or spatial structures, what unifies otheir objects is their rupture with current patterns of thought and design. Through extensive conceptual phases, schemes and objects are created that highlight in an innovative way elements like “function” or “material” and that offer new approaches in terms of application.

The BerliNordik “bright green design” exhibitions present the lamp malva by ett la benn that shows how fashionable compostable products can be. malva consists of moistened sponge cloth subsequently hardened by air drying on a mould.

Other projects by ett la benn also include sustainable aspects. Their table “trestle” for example offers multifunctional uses,  either as an escritoire, side table, storage or desk. And their shelving system “simplex” works without screws, gluing or plug-in connections – thus creating an instantly flexible storage solution.


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