“you can not be an angel 365 days per year”

June 19, 2010

fashion by Esther Perbandt, Photo: Sebastian Stottele, Model: Madlen Wilk / Seeds, Make-up/Styling: Konstanze Krischer

“As a consumer I am not pressurising myself. I know that sometimes I am a devil and that I could do better. Still I try to be aware and choose rather sustainable products. I wish that one day there will be no more price difference between sustainable and non sustainabl products.”

Fashion designer Esther Perbandt from Berlin knows: Sustainability is a big subject and the new trend at the moment. “I don’t like that at all. But the way I approached it may help others as well to do little steps. Sustainability for me doesn’t mean to change your complete lifestyle. It is about starting to think different and be aware and just try to do better. And if it is only that you decide to reduce the time of taking a shower from ten to seven minutes. Imagine how much water you save in one year. I can totally identify with the feeling of awkwardness you may have when you actually want to change something.”

Esther Perbandt is aware that as a designer she becomes a role model and therefore it is important to create responsible and sustainable designs. “This is not always as simple as it seems, especially when you have already built up your brand identity and personal signature in terms of design and style. The aim of keeping your style, your price range and your customers whilst merging this with a sustainable product and production often creates extreme confrontations. But still there are ways of starting in smaller steps, changing habits and attitudes. The on-going finacial crisis forces me as well as a lot of other people to think more sustainably and handle ressources with much more care.If the financial crisis is encouraging people to approach thinking in a more sustainable manner we should to some extend be grateful for the crisis.”

Esther Perbandt was born and grew up in West Berlin, was hardened by an artist in Moscow and polished in Paris where she finished a European master in fashion and textile design as well as a postgraduate study at the IFM – Institut Francais de la Mode. After this intensive time of education, she worked in the design-team at Chacok in the South of France.

With a lot of experiences she came back to Berlin at in the beginning of 2004 she founded her own fashion label esther perbandt. With strength and sensitivity, by combining male and female elements and with love for details, the avantgarde label has become firmly established in Berlin. Esther Perbandt is and lives her designs, which is her unmistakable brand image.

BerliNordik presents 3 Outfits by Esther Perbandt at the “bright green design” exhibition, from July 8th – 11th, 2010 at the atrium of Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden.


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