BerliNordik at the Clean Tech Media Award

September 13, 2010

Since 2008 the Clean Tech Media Award has been turning the spotlight on the Green Stars very successfully.  Each year it brings together more than 1500 guests  from political, business and science fields as well as the culture and media sphere. This year the award is the the social highlight of the Clean Tech World exhibition, where  environmental pioneers gather in Berlin to showcase the latest technology and to define future strategies.

BerliNordik will be part of the Clean Tech Media Award event on September 16th.
At the history-charged Tempelhof Airport a selection of 4 young product designers from Norway and Berlin will be showing their work, thus linking the field of sustainable design with clean and green technologies.

Designers: Adrian Paulsen, Arndt Menke, ett la benn, Franziska Wodicka

Adrian Paulsen: BUOY (Norway)
The intention of this buoy is to raise a discussion about our daily pollution of the ocean. Once the buoy registers a certain density of pollutants it reacts by releasing its arms of nano paper specially developed to soak up the pollutants and changes into an orange hue to communicate the change.

Arndt Menke: Woodway (Berlin)
This diploma thesis demonstrates the performance of the renewable resource wood as a construction material using the example of a fully functional bicycle frame with the astonishing little weight of 2,3 kg.

ett la benn: malva (Berlin)
This series of lights translates ordinary sponge cloths into individual design pieces just by air drying them on a mould. The results of this energy-efficient, non-toxic method are not only beautiful but also compostable.

Franziska Wodicka: schubLaden (Berlin)
schubLaden uses vintage drawers, so existing material, to manufacture unique longlasting furniture. The customer is given a comprehensive consultancy, and is invited to participate in the design process, which fosters a high appreciation of the product.


Clean Tech Media Award
September 16th, by invitation only

Clean Tech World
September 17th- 19th

Tempelhof Airport
Columbiadamm 8-10, 12101 Berlin

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