turning “old” into “different”

July 2, 2010

photo: fotodimatti.com

Window shopping: a display attracts your attention. You look into a face. You see a cool guy. Maybe he’s a little too serious looking? But his jacket is great. You should try it on. It is this moment that makes you decide whether you step inside or don’t.

photo: fotodimatti.com

High-quality mannequinns are made to last. Atelier Mohr turns “second hand” figures into “new” or “different” looking versions. By using pioneering techniques and excellent materials with an eye for detail they make damages and signs of wear disappear. In the process they are working environmentally friendly and always optimize their workflow.

Atelier Mohr sells and rents a wide range of mannequins from high gloss paints-optic to copper pigmentation or even a special fluorescent softcoat that glows in the dark. Dependeing on the individual requirements of each customer they offer many different make-up styles as well, be it clean and simple, an edgy twenties look or more extravagant creations for an unconventional showcase.

For the “bright green design” exhibition at the atrium of Deutsche Bank Unter den Linden Atelier Mohr supports BerliNordik with a selection of their mannequins. Additional displays will make their renovation process  transparent.


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