May 7, 2010

“bright green design” is an international platform which aims to bring together young talented designers from Berlin with their colleagues from other countries on the subject of sustainable design. The project  started in 2009 with BerliNordik which is focussing on collaborations with the Nordic countries.

The project partners CREATE BERLIN, the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), INPOLIS UCE GmbH and the co-founder Fashion Patrons developed the visions and themes for “bright green design”: A public discourse, a targeted promotion of young, talents and a national and international exchange of knowledge. Research and experiences play a central role in the project.

Given that the design industry creates and visualises trends and visions – and, thereby, reaches a very broad public audience – it comes to the fore to anchor sustainability and social responsibility in everyday consciousness. “bright green design” is an investment in the future for everyone involved, which includes both the upcoming generation of designers, and current as well as future consumers. Conducting business in a truly responsible way and keeping an eye out for the future also demands that those working in the design industry foster new ways of working, new principles, an intense exchange of knowledge and the use of innovative and alternative materials and technologies.

bright green fashion 2009

In cooperation with Copenhagen “bright green design” began with the successful project “bright green fashion” in 2009. 10 young fashion designers from Berlin as well as from Copenhagen worked out principles of sustainable design and also engaged in integrating them in their everyday work. Several workshops supervised by experts were concentrating on ecological, social and economic aspects took place in Berlin and Copenhagen. Finally the project ended with a fashion show during the “Copenhagen Design Week” which took place in the city hall of Copenhagen and the participation in the official exhibition “Show How” during the Design Week.

bright green design 2010

In 2010 the project carried on in Berlin and hosted its Nordic partners in the German capital. In a series of “bright green design” exhibitions 19 brilliant fashion and product designers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Berlin presented their work, showing a wide range of different approaches on the topic of sustainability. Their materialized ideas made it clear that there are many possible solutions for the design of the future.